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Answer about “Akonadi for e-mail needs to die” blog

Yesterday morning I read planetkde.org as usual before to hack on kdepim and I saw this blog.

I thought that it was a constructive blog, but not!

(As all your articles on your blog about kdepim. I don’t understand why you are not able to switch to another mailer before.)
Mr “Andreas K. Hüttel” is just an user which was frustrated by a bug about his IMAP server.

I can confirm that KMail is not free bug, Akonadi is not perfect too. We work a lot each days to fix the bugs. You can make the same blog about each application which doesn’t work as you want. You can criticize all these programs and wrote that developers lose their time to work on. I hope that you wrote some blog as it for Kernel Linux, Xorg, LibreOffice etc. for sure they are not perfect too.

KDEPIM team is small but I think that we make a good work. Perhaps you should read kde-commit to see all fixes that we did…

But Mr “Andreas K. Hüttel” I can tell you:

  • Nobody forced you to use KMail ! We are in open-source world, you are not happy by an application you can use another one!
  • I didn’t see a patch from you about KMail to try to fix it. So how can you told us that it was an error to migrate to Akonadi (just because it doesn’t work for you?). Did you study on which technology it’s based ?
  • When you wrote ” What is dead should better remain dead, and not suffer continuous revival efforts while users run away and the brand is damaged.” Who are you to tell us to stop to develop  KMail based on Akonadi ?
  • “Also, I’m a volunteer myself and invest a lot of time and effort into Linux. I’ve been seeing the resulting fallout. It likely scared off other prospective help.” Ok so I will wait to see your work about the fork of kdepim based on qt4. I am sure that you will able to make better than us (poor kdepim team). You know you can port it to qt5 and we will see if you will be able to fix all bugs not just your bugs. I hope that you will able to reproduce all of them.

Now Mr “Andreas K. Hüttel” with a blog as it you will discourage for sure some new user/developer, but also people  which helps us, they will think that they’re wasting their time. It’s unacceptable. 

Mr “Andreas K. Hüttel” you just have NOT ANY respect for all work done by the KDEPIM team, by the doc team, by the i18n team, by all user support guys, by the users which reported bugs.

Mr “Andreas K. Hüttel” if a day you are able to work on a project you will see that it’s not possible to reproduce all bugs because we don’t have all the time, we don’t have the same environment. Fixing a bug take time when we can’t reproduce when it’s a corner case. Some time we don’t have the good technology as a specific server IMAP etc. But perhaps it’s too hard for you to understand it.

Ok Mr “Andreas K. Hüttel” it’s sad that we were not able to fix your bug, but it’s more sad that you think that all kdepim team work is a lost of time.

As I wrote who are you to tell us that it’s a lost of time ?

Do you provide a technical solution ? NO

So for your information we will not stop to develop KMail because you think it’s a lost of time. We will continue, I will continue because I know that a lot of people uses it and they are happy with KMail based on Akonadi. I will continue to “lose my time” each day as I respect users which use KMail, it’s not your case.

I want to thank all people which participate, all guys was participating  to KMail improvement. We make KMail better for sure. Thanks guys. Thanks Doc Team, Thanks I18n Team, Thanks User Team Support, Thanks happy users, Thanks not happy users which understand our work.

To conclude we are in open-source you are not happy you can use another application, all developer is  able to choice on which technology he wants to develop, but it’s really unacceptable as you reduce kdepim team work (and other teams) to a lost of time because you are just a frustrated person.