News about Akregator

News about Akregator

As you know I decided to fix and improve Akregator for the next release (16.04 in april).

So this week I continued to improve QtWebKit support.

I readded:

  • Adblock support (We can add configure it in akregator config dialog)
  • Save image to disk
  • Adblock specific element in page.

I created a new Grantlee theme. The old theme dated before kde4…

During this work to create new theme I implemented “actions”. The actions is useful when we use a combined view. We can’t change status of article (for example it’s impossible to mark as read/important/unread, it’s static).

Now we can change status or delete article directly. It’s very useful. (see screenshot below akregator-newactions

Others changes:

  • Add action on tabbar (close all tab/close specific tab etc.)
  • Add radio button for view type (so now we know which type of view we use)
  • Clean up searchbar, we have filter actions directly in lineedit. akregator-searchline


I will try to close a lot of bug before next release.

I hope that you will be happy with new version.


23 Responses

  1. john says:

    Hi. Isn’t QtWebKit deprecated? How big a change is moving to Qt WebEngine?

  2. David says:

    Thanks for your hard work. Might I suggest that you consider ublock support as an option to Adblock as it seems to be resource lighter and just as effective with some additional configuration options.

  3. jaja says:

    Hi ! (sorry for my bad english)

    I use again kubuntu 14.04.1 with KDE 4.14.

    I think update with the kubuntu 16.04 !!!

    very good news for Akregator !!! 😀 I use it all days 😉


  4. Sandra says:

    Hey and thanks for improving akregator. i use it every single day for many years now.

    however i’m also a Qupzilla user and this one:
    > So this week I continued to improve QtWebKit support.
    semms a little odd since:
    > “Until version 2.0, QupZilla was using QtWebKit. QtWebKit is now deprecated and new versions are using QtWebEngine.”

    > “With Qt 5.5 the following modules are deprecated:
    > “Qt WebKit”
    > “Removed Modules”
    > “With Qt 5.6 the following modules are no longer part of the release packages, but users can still build them from source:”
    > “Qt WebKit”

    so wouldnt it be better to use Qt WebEngine?

  5. laurent says:

    @john: yep it’s deprecated for sure but we can still compile on qt5.5/qt5.6. But in qt5.5 last version release we can’t use custom url (fixed in qt5.6) we can’t implement adblock (we have feature for it in qt5.6) etc. So yep I have plan and I work at the moment to move it qtwebengine but not for 16.04 as qt5.6 will not release yet)

    @david: ublock ?

    @jaja: thanks 🙂

    @sandra: yep I know for qtwebkit but we can’t use it for 16.04 for the moment => pospone for 16.08. First step was refresh akregator first, now the move to qtwebengine will be more easy 🙂

  6. zezinho says:

    Thank you, merci, I use it everyday and felt it needs a little more love. ➡ That makes me feel good for my next Mageia distro release!

  7. zezinho says:

    Thank you, I am using it daily. Now I feel confident for my next MAgeia distro release!

  8. laurent says:

    @zezinho: I hope that it will good for you 🙂

  9. Is there any plans for the new Akregator to be used as a desktop client for ownCloud News?

    • laurent says:

      I don’t know yet api for owncloud news. But It’s on my todo list for 16.08

      • Rainer Dorsch says:

        Wonderful news — I would also be happy with tiny tiny rss as server, but at least one would be excellent to sync RSS over multiple devices

        Many thanks.

  10. limonello says:

    Please a tag system would be super nice, just in the way Quiterss does.

  11. Alex L. says:

    Thanks a lot! Little but useful improvements! I can’t wait for 16.04!

    +1 for a future integration with ownCloud News (I use it on my phone and it’s very very cool (or maybe an add-on system to let users add support for common services like Feedly? With this Akregator will get a lot of users, I’m sure about it).

    Thanks again!

  12. Mike says:

    Much thanks for your work on this fine program — it’s been my only feed reader for years, and it looks like it will stay that way for the foreseeable future. 😀

  13. Cruz Borges says:

    A search box for the RSS feeds would be awesome.

  14. Markus S. says:

    QtWebKit is deprecated and QtWebEngine is apparently so crappy, several distros are unwilling to package it.

    IMHO QtMozEmbed could be an option.

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