News about Akregator

As you know I decided to fix and improve Akregator for the next release (16.04 in april).

So this week I continued to improve QtWebKit support.

I readded:

  • Adblock support (We can add configure it in akregator config dialog)
  • Save image to disk
  • Adblock specific element in page.

I created a new Grantlee theme. The old theme dated before kde4…

During this work to create new theme I implemented “actions”. The actions is useful when we use a combined view. We can’t change status of article (for example it’s impossible to mark as read/important/unread, it’s static).

Now we can change status or delete article directly. It’s very useful. (see screenshot below akregator-newactions

Others changes:

  • Add action on tabbar (close all tab/close specific tab etc.)
  • Add radio button for view type (so now we know which type of view we use)
  • Clean up searchbar, we have filter actions directly in lineedit. akregator-searchline


I will try to close a lot of bug before next release.

I hope that you will be happy with new version.


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  1. Hi. Isn’t QtWebKit deprecated? How big a change is moving to Qt WebEngine?

  2. Thanks for your hard work. Might I suggest that you consider ublock support as an option to Adblock as it seems to be resource lighter and just as effective with some additional configuration options.

  3. Hi ! (sorry for my bad english)

    I use again kubuntu 14.04.1 with KDE 4.14.

    I think update with the kubuntu 16.04 !!!

    very good news for Akregator !!! 😀 I use it all days 😉


  4. Hey and thanks for improving akregator. i use it every single day for many years now.

    however i’m also a Qupzilla user and this one:
    > So this week I continued to improve QtWebKit support.
    semms a little odd since:
    > “Until version 2.0, QupZilla was using QtWebKit. QtWebKit is now deprecated and new versions are using QtWebEngine.”

    > “With Qt 5.5 the following modules are deprecated:
    > “Qt WebKit”
    > “Removed Modules”
    > “With Qt 5.6 the following modules are no longer part of the release packages, but users can still build them from source:”
    > “Qt WebKit”

    so wouldnt it be better to use Qt WebEngine?

  5. @john: yep it’s deprecated for sure but we can still compile on qt5.5/qt5.6. But in qt5.5 last version release we can’t use custom url (fixed in qt5.6) we can’t implement adblock (we have feature for it in qt5.6) etc. So yep I have plan and I work at the moment to move it qtwebengine but not for 16.04 as qt5.6 will not release yet)

    @david: ublock ?

    @jaja: thanks 🙂

    @sandra: yep I know for qtwebkit but we can’t use it for 16.04 for the moment => pospone for 16.08. First step was refresh akregator first, now the move to qtwebengine will be more easy 🙂

  6. Thank you, merci, I use it everyday and felt it needs a little more love. ➡ That makes me feel good for my next Mageia distro release!

  7. Thank you, I am using it daily. Now I feel confident for my next MAgeia distro release!

  8. @zezinho: I hope that it will good for you 🙂

  9. Is there any plans for the new Akregator to be used as a desktop client for ownCloud News?

  10. Please a tag system would be super nice, just in the way Quiterss does.

  11. Thanks a lot! Little but useful improvements! I can’t wait for 16.04!

    +1 for a future integration with ownCloud News (I use it on my phone and it’s very very cool (or maybe an add-on system to let users add support for common services like Feedly? With this Akregator will get a lot of users, I’m sure about it).

    Thanks again!

  12. Much thanks for your work on this fine program — it’s been my only feed reader for years, and it looks like it will stay that way for the foreseeable future. 😀

  13. A search box for the RSS feeds would be awesome.

  14. QtWebKit is deprecated and QtWebEngine is apparently so crappy, several distros are unwilling to package it.

    IMHO QtMozEmbed could be an option.

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