Once upon a time a program named Akregator.

It was born in 2004.

But it didn’t evolute during 6-7 years. It was a bad thing for an kdepim application.

Long time ago I worked on akregator2 (a akregator based on akonadi) but it was never released and there is no future for it.

So for the next release (16.04) I decided to work on. (It needs some love)

The first problem was that it used khtml as primary render web engine, it’s a very obsolete engine. (Ok if you installed kdewebkitpart it was able to use qtwebkit, but it’s not all the time).

So I decide to port to QtWebKit directy.

First impression: it’s speed ! (and there is less crash).

Second step I moved all generated html code (which display info about rss) to grantlee, so now it’s more easy to refresh html code.

Next step is to clean up code, and add new features (I have some ideas, and bugs.kde.org has some idea too)

So I hope to finish all the clean up for 16.04.

I hope that you will happy to use it and you will report bug about it.

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  1. Keep it coming! 🙂

  2. Good news! This app already needed a revision. Thanks Laurent

  3. I will improve it for 16.04 😛

  4. Using v4.1.4.2 on Debian and being completely happy with Akregator

  5. Wonderful news Laurent,

    It will be great if I can return to Akgregator as my daily feed reader.

    As soon as there is a ppa I will be delighted to test it out.

    Best wishes and thanks

  6. @caesar: cool if it works fine for you 🙂 But it will better in 16.04 🙂

    @Dion: wait 16.04 🙂

  7. Thanks for your work! As an akregator user, I’m interested in stability and not losing the feed data I already have.

  8. Thank you! I have been using akgregator since 2012. I am really grateful it is being tended to.

  9. Thank you! I use Akregator daily.

    Can I make a feature request? I would love if akregator would allow as kmail to see the preview of an article next to the list instead of below.

    I know this is a personal preference and that this may not be the place to ask for this, yet I hope it is considered.

    Thanks and keep the good work!

  10. I filled a feature request for this in here:


  11. @avlas: you already do it no ? menu “view” ->widescreen view
    is it no enough ?

  12. Indeed. How could I miss this feature all this time…!

    I guess I just expected it to be inside akregator settings as for kmail. Sorry for the noise

  13. @alvas: no problem 🙂

  14. I’d like to echo Ben’s request that whatever you do, don’t lose my cache of old, marked-important articles. Those are the reason I use Akregator.

  15. Why are you saying that there is no future for akregator2 ?

    • Because it was developed during kde4 version, the focus was akonadi but we never finished this support and code is not the same now.
      And nobody (and not me) will make relive it.
      So for me it’s dead.

  16. Kubuntu 16.04 – Papercuts | Taach! - Der Morgenblog - pingback on 27 April 2016 at 11 h 38 min

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