Month: January 2016

KDEPIM/KMail is NOT dead

This week I received several mails about kmail/kontact user which read the blog “The year of Kube” and asked me if “KMail is dead now?”. Or “KMail will be replace by Kube in the future?” I answered that KMail and KDEPIM are still alive and they still continue to be maintain. We prepare actually the…
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News about Akregator

As you know I decided to fix and improve Akregator for the next release (16.04 in april). So this week I continued to improve QtWebKit support. I readded: Adblock support (We can add configure it in akregator config dialog) Save image to disk Adblock specific element in page. I created a new Grantlee theme. The…
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Once upon a time a program named Akregator. It was born in 2004. But it didn’t evolute during 6-7 years. It was a bad thing for an kdepim application. Long time ago I worked on akregator2 (a akregator based on akonadi) but it was never released and there is no future for it. So for…
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