KDEPIM 5.0 is the port of kdepim to kf5/qt5.

The porting was started in may 2014. It was a long way because kdepim is not just kmail. It’s based on Akonadi server and all libraries from kdepimlibs.

The first step was to make Akonadi worked against Qt5.

The second step was porting kdepimlibs to make it work with akonadi server and KF5.

The last step was porting kdepim to kdepimlibs.

But we are able to obtain a stable version for 15.08 !

What contains kdepim 5.0 ?

It contains all original applications:

  • KMail
  • KAddressBook
  • KOrganizer
  • Kontact
  • KAlarm
  • Blogilo
  • AccountWizard
  • KNotes
  • grantleeeditor*
  • importwizard

What applications were removed?

KNodes was not ported to KDE4 pure and there is not a maintainer for it. So it was a big work for me if I wanted to port to pure KDE4 and porting after that to kf5

KTimeTracker was not maintains during some years and it was not really a pim application.

KDEPIM-Mobile: it was removed too because it depends against QtQuick1.0 it was not tested in 4.14 so in KF5 it was completly broken. So if some guy wants in the future to have it, it will be necessary to rewrite all.

KMailCVT: it was merged in the application importwizard.

What is news in kdepim 5.0?

  • First at all we ported to Qt5/KF5 🙂
  • New composer for KMail which has search/replace component integrated in composer directly.
  • contactprintthemeeditor allows to create some grantlee theme for kaddressbook
  • KAddressBook allows to send vcard file directly
  • Now we can manage IMAP folder which can be show in KOrganizer/KAddressBook.
  • Now we can share url on social network (as Facebook/Twitter etc.)
  • Add support for texttospeech based on Qt5TextToSpeech (which is not release yet).
  • Pimsettingexport has a console program now. (so we can backup from a script directly)
  • I merge all setting for email completion in an unique dialog.
  • SieveEditor has bookmark support.
  • a lot of others features that I don’t remember 🙂
  • KContacts has full vcard4 support.
  • Dan made a big work on Akonadi. He speeded up it a lot. It’s very fast now.


The future is in progress 🙂 KF5.1 is in development.

We have some new feature:

  • Sieveeditor has debug script support implemented based on “sieve-test” application.
  • KAddreebook has complement gravatar support
  • KAddressbook can display image based on an url
  • A lot of optimization was done
  • Some obsolete features were removed during Akademy coding session
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  1. Is it possible to write / compose html emails in kmail?

  2. @richard: of course as previously 🙂

  3. Any news about Akregator? It’s not mentioned in your post and it’s part of KDE Pim, isn’t it? Will Akregator 2.0 be part of KDEPIM 5?

  4. Thanks for your great porting work. One big issue would be very welcomed downstream, splitting the applications into own repositories.

  5. I would be interested to know about the future of Akregator. I know it was never ported to Akonadi, but it was part of KDEPIM4 anyway. Will it be back again?

  6. Does this mean there is a stable release?
    Is Kontact included in the port?
    If so, is Kontact 5 able to incorporate KDE4 KParts, e.g. KJots (I don’t see KJots in the list of ported applications)
    Has CalDAV/CardDAV sync been tested?

    Sorry if these questions have been answered in previous blog posts, but I use Kontact’s groupware apps on a daily basis so I’m hesitant to upgrade unless I can be fairly certain all functionality has been ported and works reliably.

    Thanks for your work on this great app collection!

  7. First of all: Thanks for the amazing amount of work you have put into this!

    I’m a bit confused about if KNotes is included. First you list it amongst the original applications ported, later you write under “What applications were removed?”:

    “KNodes was not ported to KDE4 pure and there is not a maintainer for it. So it was a big work for me if I wanted to port to pure KDE4 and porting after that to kf5”

  8. I’ve been using Thunderbird for years on my KDE Desktop (work pc). I think I will switch to KMail at the next release. I count on you KDE warriors !
    Many thanks

  9. A comment about the status and future of Akregator would be appreciated?

    It’s one of the main reasons I use KDE/KF5.

  10. Which akonadi should be used if we want to use kdepim 5.0?

  11. Great news! What about Akregator?

  12. @Aitor: akregator is part of kdepim5.0 but not akregator-akonadi
    @Johannes Huber: no splitting for the moment
    @Mark: no akonadi port was never finished and I will not do it.
    @accumulator: you can’t use kdepim4 kpart element in kdepim5
    I tested CalDAV/CardDAV it seems to work. But indeed I didn’t test full features.
    @Thomas Tanghus: knotes is released with kdepim 5.0
    @csslayer: akonadi-5.0 ?:)
    @manolete: akregator was ported to kf5

  13. @csslayer Akonadi is now released as part of Applications.

  14. Thank you! Great Work!

  15. Great work, cant wait to see it in action…
    *** Request for PIM, make the summary screen more customizable!
    i.e. email,calendar,akregator,notes or even web feeds, rss, twitter feed, also custom wallpaper for summary screen would be nice…just saying

  16. @Luca Beltrame, is the akonadi in application able to use the old akonadi data? or it can be migrated?

  17. @ccslayer: yep. it works fine with old data. It’s not a problem

  18. What happended to Akonadi next, as blogged by Aaron Seigo in the past? Is it dead now and you improved the old Akonadi?

  19. @Esokrate: I don’t have info about akonadinext but it was not ready for 15.08 and Dan improved akonadi so it’s good.
    Akonadinext is writing from scratch so bug bug bugs.
    So it’s better to use a tested technology.

  20. Most of the things worked fine when I tested it. Unfortunately, my university email was migrated to Office365 and kdepim 5 didn’t work with it. Only Drafts, Deleted Items and Junk were synced. Couldn’t download emails for other folders. kdepim 4 seems to work fine though.

  21. First of all, I was looking forward to kf5 port of kdepim. So, thank you.

    Secondly, is there a plan to support ActiveSync out of the box by kdepim i.e. without using something like davmail etc? It would also help the KDE port for mobile devices, IMO.


  22. First of all, I like to thank for the overall effort in transforming kdepim to kf5.

    I am testing kdepim 15.08 using opensuse tumbleweed.

    Unfortunately, I cannot confirm, that CALDAV and CARDDAV are working. I face the same old problems, i.e. an event issued from korganizer can be seen in thunderbird and android smartphones.

    But events do not synchronize the other way round.

    I kindly ask the developers to set up some testing scheme together with the community to erase these bugs in some common effort. I consider the missing stability of kdepim in synchronizing using calday and carddav to be the most annoying problem with kde in todays daily use.

  23. @franz: caldav worked for me in my usage. So perhaps no in yours. But as you wrote it’s an old bug so it’s not a porting bug. After that I saw a lot of work from dav support. So perhaps it will fix in next release. But I am not the dav dev so I can’t fix it (and I don’t have time).

  24. Sorry, some information are missing.

    There is a Synology NAS runng DS 5.2 with their caldav and carddav implementations.

    All three devices (korganizer, thunderbird and android smartphone) are connected to the same calendar on the NAS.

    Korganizer is able to publish local evenet to the NAS which can be read using thunderbird and android.

    Thunderbird and android are synchronizing fully via NAS.

    Events published via thunderbird and android cannot be read using korganizer.

    This problem has been reported since months for the kde4 series of korganizer.

  25. @laurent: I agree that it is not a porting bug and Laurent might not be the correct person to whom this bug should be reported. And clearly, no single person can take care of all bugs and might find time to solve them.


    Kdepim is a great software and it should operate smoothly in daily use to foster linux in comparison with windows and mac os. Synchronizing calendars and addressbooks is nowadays a daily demand.

    Looking at http://www.kde.org several KDE Patrons are named.
    It should be possible to find some support by some caldav wizzard in cooperation with akonadi/korganizer in order to trace and eliminate this bug. And some systematic testing scheme together with the community could share the workload.

    This deficiency is limiting my usage of kdepim since numerous months and waiting over and over again for a solution with the next update is frustrating.

    @laurent: Sorry for mentioning this in the framework of your fantastic effort in porting kdepim to kf5. Please forward my hints to some person which might be able to generate a solution.

  26. Please improve to-do list because it is useless now.

  27. Hi, Laurent. Let me ask a couple of questions.

    I’ve installed KDEPIM 5 on my Gentoo machine after some time without it, but I don’t have the «Personal Information» kcm module I had in KDE 4 and where I used to configure my mail, notes, calendar, etc, resources. Perhaps I’ve missed installing something or is it due to the early status of KDEPIM 5?
    Anyway I have been able to configure my mail and contacts via Kmail and Kaddressbook’s menues, despite it seems Owncloud synchronization doesn’t work, but so far, having Kmail back is a pleasure. Thank you, guys. 🙂

    I have also tried Knotes. It seems a rather spartan app; not that I am experiencing failuers or bug, no. So far it functions well, but I hoped it were a “worked out” Kjots: with all the features Kjots had but also some improvements, like multimedia support and cloud sync; something that approximated a bit to Evernote and could make it a substitute for Evernote. But it doesn’t even the very useful feature in Kjots of making “books”. Is it planned to improve Knotes or is it deliberately made that simple and you, devs, want it to keep it that way?
    A last one: I suppose the answer is no, but are Kjots notes importable to Knotes?

    Thanks for your work.
    Best regards.

  28. @Jose:
    Personal Information was removed indeed. We can do it in each application.

    For knotes I will try to continue to improve it but indeed it’s not the priorities for the moment.
    “Kjots notes importable to Knotes” it uses the same element => note was in kjot can be see in knotes.

  29. @Laurent
    « it uses the same element => note was in kjot can be see in knotes.»

    Oh, that’s great news. But there isn’t any import option in Knotes menues. Should we try to import them trough the «New note from text file» command?

  30. I autoanswer me, in case my experience is ueful for somebody:
    Yes, we can import Kjots notes from the «New note from text file» command, in the File menu, in Kontact’ Knotes section or right clicking in Knotes Icon in the system tray if we have launched Knotes standalone.
    In the file picker we’ll need to delete «Text File» in the filter box, go to the folder which notes we want to import and select the ones we want. In the file picker we can only see the file names, not the notes’ content, o perhaps the most rapid way is to import all of them and delete the ones we don’t want, if any.

    The only issue is that it seems Knotes can’t imported formatted notes (those with colors, backgrounds, marked and formated text, paragraphs, etc) and keep the format we gave them; it will only import them as plain text, but keeping all the HTML code, so perhaps in future versions on Knotes our notes will recover the format.

    If there’s a better way to do the import, please, tell us.


  31. 30 comments… Seems that a good note taking app is something that really interests KDE users.
    Well, I just wanted to say that it seems that Knotes is image capable, and that it only needs little tweaking. Copy a paragraph of text with some image and paste it into a Knotes note, everithing is pasted, the program recongnizes that theres is a picture and places a white image in its place, but as I say, the image is not the real image but some scaled icon.
    I know nothing of writing code, but it seems like Knotes already can recognize and position pictures, seems it only lacks some lines of code to retrieve the image from the URL and “paste” it instead the scaled icon it places now; or, as Tagspaces does, not pasting the image nor ncluding it in the note, embedded, but just pasting the text and leving the images as links, to be downloaded from their URL every time we open said note.

    Well, it was just a comment to see if the devs think it would be an easy task that wouldn’t take them too much time to implement image support.

    Thx for your work.

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