KDEPIM report (week 26)

My focus was KAddressBook last week.


It’s not a complicated application, so I didn’t find a lot of bugs. But indeed as I maintain it I already fixed critical bugs.

Some fixes:

  • I improved gravatar support.
  • I added “Server Side Subscription” action. Before that it was necessary to go to kmail or go to resource settings and click on “ServerSide subscription” button. I was not userfriendly.
  • I continued to clean up code and I use new qt5 connect api.
  • I fixed a lot of bugs (as layout bugs etc.)

Other works in KDEPIM:

  • I fixed LDAP support which was broken when we ported it to QUrl now we can use it. It’s great 🙂
  • I fixed translation in korganizer.
  • AkonadiSearch dbus interface name was changed. So we couldn’t have email indexing information. Fixed.
  • I fixed Imap Resource interface too.
  • A lot of bugs were fixed in korganizer/kmail/sieveeditor etc.


Next week I will focus on KNotes and Kleopatra.

Other info:

Dan merged his work about replacing text protocol by a binary protocol for Akonadi. I confirm it’s faster.

He worked a lot to improve speed. Now kmail is very speed 🙂

I hope that he will add more speed patch 🙂

Sergio continued to add some optimizations in kdepimlibs/kdepim/akonadi. !!!

  1. First, thank you for your contribution to the open-source. I’ve been following kde blog for quite a time because it’s my main desktop consistently for the last 4 years. I’ve been willing to help coding in some of the kde projects, but it was never clear for me where to start. Any clue?

  2. +Thiago M Most likely look for a Project that needs much help or something that you like. Startup your IRC Client and visit the developers in the channel + ask for some little job, to get in touch ^^

    +KDE PIM team
    Thanks for this awesome work. I love kmail and Akregator (and all other parts, but i use them the most). and i’m so exited to see them with Qt5 *-* so thank you again!

  3. Thank you for this update on KDEPIM. I’m really looking forward using this (esp. KMail, since this is my main E-Mail client).

    However: What about KNode? I somewhere read that it has gone the way of the dodo. Is it possible to use KMail instead? Is there a migration path (sent posts, etc.)? Or has one to use a completely different program?

    Thank you for your effort in porting the PIM-suite.

  4. @Thiago: you need to select a program that you use all day and where you want to improve it. Or you see some bugs in this application. After that as Fabian told you you need to go to irc speak with developper, you provides some patch and you can work on your project 🙂

    @Fabian: thanks 🙂

    @Benjamin: indeed KNode is dead but there is not replacement in kdepim. Sorry about it.

  5. Just to drop in to add my thanks for your work on KDEPIM and keeping us informed, it’s great!

    I’m also sad about the lost of Knode :-(, since I still use it as my news client…

  6. First of all, thanks for all your work. You should put some link here to accept donations. I think meny, many grateful users like me would donate some euros.

    And now, my question:
    I haven’t used Knotes since ages (KDE3 times), I used Kjots due to it’s KDEPIM/Akonadi integration. AFAIK Knotes never admitted images nor sounds, exactly the ame defficiency Kjots has ever had, I’m right? Do you plan to add image and sound support? Is rather frustrating to make wonderful vacation notes in Evernote and when one tries to find an open source equivalent for the Linux desktop the most complete one is Tagspaces (which is nice, but far from optimal for a KDE user, I believe).


  7. @Carmen: Indeed knotes doesn’t support image/sound yet but I think that it can be an idea to add support for it.
    I will add to my todo list to investigate it.

  8. @richard: Sorry but knode was not port to full qt4 so it should be a big work to make it qt4 full support and after that to port it to kf5. I didn’t have time for it. Sorry.

  9. @Carmen: Check out Basket, a wonderful, feature-rich KDE app that allows mixed media notes. Though not integrated into KDEPIM/Akonadi.

    From it’s description: “This application provides as many baskets (drawers) as you wish; Several kinds of objects (texts, URLs, images,…) can be drag-n-drop’d into it.

    Objects can be edited, copied, dragged… So, they can be arranged according to users’ taste. Moreover, Basket allows you to keep all objects you want in one place, keep data on hand, take notes…”

    And thank you Laurent for all of your much appreciated detail work. It’s what makes using KDE a joy!

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