KDEPIM report

KDEPIM report

This week I focused my work on Akregator.


  • I fixed some errors on signal/slots
  • I reimplemented TextToSpeech support
  • I replaced QList to QVector where it was possible
  • I added some QStringLiteral
  • I used new Qt5 connect Api
  • I fixed some bugs.
  • I added support for share url (it allows to share url in Facebook/Twitter etc.)

Others work in KDEPIM:

  • I implemented ShareUrl, I use it in kmail/akregator
  • I fixed some bugs in Dav resource (thanks to Bruno Friedmann to provide me an access to an owncloud server). It was mainly GUI bugs.
  • I fixed some crashes in Accountwizard
  • KMail uses KPIM::CompletionConfigureDialog to configure addressline settings (it avoids 3 different dialogbox).
  • I added bookmarks support in Sieveeditor
  • I added spellchecking support in plaintexteditor.
  • I fixed application translations


Next week I will focus on the KAddressbook.

I hope that I will have more bug report about it.

Other Info:

Dan works on akonadi to replace protocol based on text to use a binary protocol directly.

He saw a lot of improvement. He hopes to merge it in master soon.

To conclude:

We are in good way to have a stable version for 15.08.

I was not sure some about it some weeks ago 🙂

5 Responses

  1. alien says:

    great news

  2. jaja says:

    hi !! (my english is bad !!)

    nice for all !!! 😉

  3. Konrad says:

    Great! I cannot await to install Plasma 5 with Kf5 KDE PIM on my Produktion Maschine. Keep the good work going ;-).

    Btw: what is the status of Akonadi next? Will KDE PIM use it with the 15.08 release? Will there be PIM integration in the calendar plasmoid (agenda view in the plasmoid)?

  4. laurent says:

    @konrad: Akonadinext no idea. We will not use it for 15.08.
    Calendar plasmoid. no idea too, need to ask to plasma team 🙂

  5. Peter says:

    I switched from akregator to quiterss, because akegrator opened new articles in a scrolled-to-bottom state (for example try to open a http://www.spiegel.de article, scroll down, and then open another one). Perhaps you can fix this on the way? (there already exists a bug report since a few years)

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