KDEPIM KF5 status and test plan

KDEPIM KF5 status and test plan


As you know we decided to release kdepim kf5 in 15.08. (We have 2 months yet).

I use kdepim kf5 by default now on my main computer. Of course when I started to use it all apps crashed, or there was some part of code which was not ported to kf5 yet.

I tried to fix all crash that I found, I fixed a lot of bugs, and I finished some features (as Gravatar support, rewrite the kmail composer, reimplement text to speech etc.)

Now all applications work fine (no direct crash when I launch them). But of course it’s not perfect. I can’t use all application all the time. So I need some help to find bugs.

Test plan:

There is a lot of application in kdepim:

  • KMail
  • KAddressBook
  • KNotes
  • Kontact
  • KOrganizer
  • SieveEditor
  • AccountWizard
  • ImportWizard
  • etc. (Some others minor applications)

So I decided to focus each week on an application.

I will not work at 100% on a specific application, but I will use it a lot during this period and I will try to fix each bug that I will find.

As I worked a lot on KMail, I will not focus on it next week.

I will focus on Akregator, so if you can test it and you can report me bugs. I will not fix all bugs about akregator but I will try to for all porting bugs. I don’t have time to debug all akregator bugs 😉

How to test it ?

It’s better to use last version from git because I fix a lot of bugs each week. (I don’t know if distro provides snapshots).

I will increase version of kdepim each week so we will be sure that bug is against last version.


KDEPIM uses a lot of resource as Dav, Openxchange, etc. I don’t have access to them. So I can’t debug so it will good if some people will able to test them.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Kurt says:

    How about integrating QuiteRSS into Kontact and write an automatic importer? https://quiterss.org/
    It’s usability is very close to Akregator, already uses Qt 5, and is under active development.

  2. skyman77 says:

    Good luck 🙂
    KDE – best DE!!!

  3. laurent says:

    @skyman77: thanks 🙂

    @Kurt: I don’t want to rewrite or replace Akregator I don’t have time for it. And if a day the maintainer of quiterss wants to put it kontact we can discute about it 🙂 But I am not sure that he will want to use kde as he developpes it in QT pure

  4. Johannes says:


    Great to see that work on KDEPIM continues. Are there any plans to add native support for Microsoft Exchange servers (version 2013 without IMAP/POP support)? This would be a great booster for KDEPIM in the corporate world…

    Best Wishes,

  5. Dar says:

    I look forward to trying out the kf5 version kdepim.
    I know this isn’t the place for feature requests, but since another person made a comment about quiterss, I definitely think Akregator should consider including some of the features available in qutierss (specifically the ability to un-delete News). This is the main reason I switched away from Akregator a few years ago.

  6. laurent says:

    @johannes: Perhaps in the future. But I don’t have plan for it. I don’t use exchange and I don’t have idea how to implement it.

    @Dar: I can add it in a TODO list but we need to clean up it before to add new features. I will see if I have time for it in the future, but for sure not for 15.08.

  7. Johannes Huber says:

    @laurent Thanks for your porting work. From downstream perspective it would help when the monolithic kdepim repo would be splitted into application repos.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Sergio Martins says:

    Getting a build, will start doing QA on korganizer 😀

  9. laurent says:

    Thanks sergio 🙂

  10. Mode Fashion says:

    Page un peu fastidieux à lire mais intéressant

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