I started porting of kdepim to KF5 1 year ago (in may 2014). When I started it I thought that it should be easy. But it was not easy because firstly KF5 was not release and it was not stable, there was some bugs. Secondary kdepim is not just KMail, it contains the kdepim libs + akonadi + kdepim runtime + kdepim apps (as korganizer, kmail, etc.).

The first step was to adapt cmake files to new framework environment.

I removed some applications which were not ported to pure kde4 (depended to kde3support), or some unmaintained applications (as ktimertracker) etc.

The second step was to split kdepimlibs as frameworks (for the moment just one lib is released).

The last step was removing kdelibs4support (it’s still in progress). This step is very long because we need to port each kdepimlibs library (The big problem is the KLocale porting… It’s complicated and there is not Howto for it…).


Last week I decided to use kdepim kf5 as default on my computer.

It was not an easy decision because I use KMail for my work.

But before to do it, I implemented a class for migrating data applications, because now we use XDG path and not .kde path for config/apps data etc. as it was in kde4

First impression:

I am impressed because KMail works fine 🙂 I can send/receive emails !

KAddressBook was totally broken but I fixed it last week end.

KOrganizer worked correctly.

SieveEditor works very fine.

For other applications they are working fine but I didn’t have time to evaluate them correctly.

Dead line:

We decided to release kdepim with kf5-15.08, so in 2 months.

Is it possible to do it ?

I hope 🙂 But it will hard to fix all bugs without some helps.

kdepim-4.14 ?

I never stopped to work on kdepim-4.14, but indeed now that I switch to kf5 I will reduce the time that I took to debug it.

But I will continue to backport the fixes on kdepim-4.14 until we release kf5, because I am not sure at 100% that new version will kf5 version.


I will continue to debug all applications, I will finish some new features until we release it.

How to help ?

Just take an application, use it as usual and report all bugs that you find.

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  1. john jarkness says:

    Hi Laurent,
    I applaud the work that you do wholeheartedly.

    I love the kontact suite, and am a little frustrated that it is not yet ready for KF5 – in fact it is the only block for me to move to KF5.

    Your blog here gives me great hope that soon kontact will not only be ported but will be tidier and more impressive than before.

    Please keep up the great work.

  2. Ken says:

    Hi Laurent,
    Looking forward to the port to KF5! Is there any plan to include ActiveSync for Exchange as part of KDEPIM? I’ve been looking for full exchange integration in Kontact. As of now, Evolution provides it with a plugin for ActiveSync.


  3. Rajesh Ganesan says:

    Hello Laurent,
    Great news, something I’ve been very eager to hear. I’ve been using KDEPIM extensively – Kmail, Korgainzer and KJots/Knotes. Hope that these three gets ported and are usable by 15.08.
    My regards and wishes to you.

  4. What’s you plan for KDE PIM apps that are not actively developer like KTimeTracker?

  5. syvolc says:

    Nice job ! Thank you, I hope you could delivery a first preview for 15.08.

    Good luck and thank you for all your time spend on it !

  6. Sinclair says:

    Excellent news! This far I am just “toying” with Plasma5 in a Vbox as I feel there are too many of my pet things missing. Getting KDEPIM in shape would certainly boost my itch to upgrade

  7. Luis Davila says:

    hi, good news, I’m using KF5 and plasma from GIT for a while in Archlinux and surely i have some bugs sometimes but is normal and is my choice, and I use KDEPIM git version too and I look all that evolution, so now than is “officially” announced this porting to KF5 surely I’ll take time to report bugs. Akregator & Kmail works fine for me, Kontacts like you say after some days I can import contacts, in Calendar GoogleCalendar too but the last days I test with CalDav service to migrate from Google stuffs and Calendar work really fine, but task from CalDav service is ramdomly ok. Good job and thanks again for this news

  8. laurent says:

    Thanks all 🙂
    @ken: “ActiveSync” really I don’t work on. So if a guy wants to create a akonadiresource for it ok but I will not do.

    @Rajesh: KJots was removed from kdepim. But knotes will be ported.

    @Sudhir: ktimetracker was removed too, ummaintain so not ported to kf5. But it can be relive if someone works one.


  9. albert says:

    Kjots will be removed?

    I have to start transferring all of my notes somewhere else… Very very bad news.

  10. J Janz says:

    Let me make myself clearer, just in case: by identities I mean those multiple services accounts (back then, email, IM and I guess more)’ groupings.

  11. habarnam says:

    How can we test the development version?

    Is there a how-to for installing this from source?

  12. laurent says:

    @albert: Sorry but nobody worked on kjots, and I don’t have time to maintain all application

    @J Janz: kaddressbook is independant from kpeople.

    @habarman: you can use kdesrc-build for building all kf5

  13. habarnam says:

    Thank you Laurent. Never knew such a nice tool exists.

  14. For openSUSE users, the latest state (use it ONLY if you want to help with testing, or to report bugs!) can be obtained from the KDE:Unstable:Applications repository.

  15. Konrad says:

    Great work! But sad news that kjots will not be ported :-(, can knotes sync with Kolab notes?

  16. laurent says:

    @konrad: yep knotes used same code as kjots for reading note, so no problem.

  17. Ernesto Manriquez says:

    Thanks for your amazing work on KDE PIM 5. I’m concerned a bit about the following:
    – KOrganizer Reminder Daemon. Before Akonadi, this was necessary to get reminders, but, with Akonadi, the need for a reminder daemon is theoretically replaced with Akonadi.
    – KAlarm. Again, another piece that duplicates with the Reminder Daemon and that can be killed with fire, if some Akonadi work is done.

    This is significant work, but this also means retiring thousands of LOCs, lessening the maintainership load. Please, look into that 🙂

  18. Konrad says:

    @laurent that’s great. But what is the main difference of knotes and kjots then? I always just used kjots

  19. Plop says:

    GG ! I rely on kde pim for my daily work and I’m really waiting for the port to kf5. Thanks for your efforts !

  20. Lindsay says:

    Can you recommend a distro or ppa that makes it easy to try KDEPim 5?

    I’m already dual booting the Win 10 Preview, might as well totally bork my PC 🙂

    But seriously, I liked the Netrunner cut of Plasma 5 and would love to see where kdepim is going

  21. laurent says:

    @lindsay: I don’t have idea I rebuild all by hand but Luca Beltrame wrote in “comments” that opensuse has packages.

  22. Lindsay says:

    Thank laurent, I’ll check it out.

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