News in kdepim 4.11: Header theme (3/3) Grantlee theme generator (headerthemeeditor)

For helping user to generate a KMail theme based on Grantlee, I created an application: “headerthemeeditor”.

This application is separate in 2 tabs:

  • Desktop page which allows to specify theme settings (name, author, extra headers to displaying, main file name etc.)
  • Editor page which allows to edit the theme. I added auto completion support, and highlighting support. And there is an viewer to see result

highlighting support

The theme created can be shared with knewstuff3.

During editing we can test email in 2 modes:

  • printing mode
  • normal mode

As it’s possible to install theme in local it was necessary to allow to remove them

Configure dialog box

I hope that there will have a lot of themes shared 🙂

  1. Very neat .. I just built it now to see it myself! 🙂

    Nice to see that it is using zip files with a .desktop file inside .. very similar to Plasma’s packages. It might make sense to get some standards for how these kinds of packages are laid out for use in KDE applications.

    We have a top-level metadata.desktop and a preview image (where that’s useful) and a top level contents directory where all the actual data is stored. The contents directory prevents file name collisions between the author’s files and the application package files (e.g. meatata.desktop or preview.png, etc.)

  2. In my application we generate a screenshot from preview, but we use it in knewstuff but perhaps it will good to store it in .zip too…

    It’s right I looked at plasma package to create my theme package.


    theme name
    | –> filename.desktop
    | –> filename.html
    | –> extrapage(s).html

    It’s right it will good if we create a standard for creating package in KDE.

  3. First beta of KDE SC 4.11 released | Hacker Paparazzi - pingback on 14 June 2013 at 13 h 58 min
  4. I am using opensuse. I would like to modify one of the preinstalled themes. Where can I find theme?

  5. It’s depend if it’s a grantlee theme or not ?
    There is native theme which can’t be modified (a theme in C++).

  6. How do you use Grantlee? | Steveire's Blog - pingback on 11 April 2016 at 22 h 19 min

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